Even Princesses Knit

So, Iw as in the grocery store the other day and stopped by my favorite part of the store- the magazine section. The adult in me wanted to look at Time magazine and Newsweek, but the kid in me reached for the Disney Princess magazine instead.

As I flipped through the brightly colored pages of games and crafts, I came upon a page that made me smile. It was a page with a simple game of cats playing with balls of yarn. The goal is to find which ball of yarn is the one that’s attached to the scarf that Cinderella is knitting!

Cinderella Knitting Her Bit

That’s right, the princess that can scrub floors just as well as she can sweep a prince off his feet also knows a thing or two about wielding needles and yarn. This picture was just too cute not to share.

Now the question is, who do you think will be the lucky recipient of Cinderella’s scarf?

(Hey, did you notice the crown tips on those knitting needles? I bet their real gold too. Now that’s what I call royal knitting!)



3 thoughts on “Even Princesses Knit

  1. I am not sure I feel like a princess, however, my three kitties are on to the playing with the balls of yarn deal. They are becoming masterminds of yarn theft. …. Thanks for sharing such a cute pic.

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