Part of a Balanced Breakfast

I’m a huge fan of Breakfast. I never leave home without it. I have to eat something within a half hour of waking up or my chronic morning sickness kicks in. So breakfast to me is almost like a second religion. Yes, I bow down to the all mighty spoon and bowl. I eat in private after my Boy Toy goes to work. (I’m lucky enough to be married to a man who can’t stand the smell of food early in the morning which means I don’t have to wake up at some un-godly hour to fix him breakfast before work.)

While I’m eating, I’m usually doing something knitting related. Either reading a knitting magazine, writing in my knitting journal or actually doing some knitting. There is just something about knitting and eating that just seem to go together- even though knitting wisdom would tell you it is not wise to knit with food around.

Never had knitting with breakfast? I strongly suggest trying it. Knitting is a great way to balance out those morning jitters you keep getting from your double shot of espresso.  Not a breakfast person? Why not use breakfast as another excuse to get in more knitting time. And besides, isn’t your doctor always telling you that you need more fiber in your diet?

Working Breakfast photo by Lindamade

Coffee and Knitting by freakapotimus


Have It Your Way Breakfast Photo by Maggie.M

Sticky Finger Breakfast Photo by Louveciennes


Breakfast Photo by beetsie


Breakfast photo by Lizrincon


One thought on “Part of a Balanced Breakfast

  1. I’m all over this one. Not so much during the week- during a brief period of retirement in my mid-20s I felt guilty staying in bed while hubby had to get ready for work so I started making him breakfast (then going back to bed as soon as he left. Way less guilt) and I went and got hooked, so when I came out of retirement a few months later, I couldn’t kick the habit so I still make breakfast every morning but don’t get up ungodly early to do so which means no knitting time… On the weekends, however, we go out for breakfast and I always take my sock in progress with me. Amazing how much you can accomplish with the time between placing an order and getting your food! And I always knit over lunch at the office…

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