Anna Sui at New York Fashion Week

Yes, I am a fashion junky. I always want to know who someone is wearing and even though I buy most of my clothes at the local thrift store, I still go for fashion labels. (I may be cheap, but I do have standards.)

For those of you who may not know, the world is wrapping up its final days of a fashion induced comas, (aka- New York Fashion Week).

The Mercedes-Benz Spring Fashion Week runs from September 8th – 15th is year and is being held at the Lincoln Center’s Damrosch Park in New York.

Today, one of my favorite designers will be showing her collection- Anna Sui.

The wild child of the fashion world, Anna ignores the trends and fads and insteads, follows her own creative path. Her designs are colorful, playful, comfortable and always Anni Sui. I really adore her use of knitting and crochet in her designs.

You may have seen Anna Sui’s work recently if you happen to have the Fall 2011 issue of Vogue Knitting magazine. Do these pictures look familiar?

Crochet designs bu Anna Sui

Anna Sui Design

I am really looking forward to seeing what she brings to the fashion world for Spring 2012. Tell me, who are some of your favorite designers?
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