Just Breath


I do apologize for being a day late in my posting. I did have good reason.

A new toy was delivered to me yesterday and I spent most of my time after its delivery learning how to operate it and showing it off to my friends.

If you don’t recognize the image in the picture, it is an oxygen machine.

Now, before any of you start getting worried, no I don’t have problems breathing. My lungs are just fine. So why the oxygen machine then?

Well, its more for prevention. You see, when we are sleeping our oxygen level drops. More often than not, my Sickle Cell crisis happens when I’m asleep- waking me up with server pain. So the thought is that if I can keep my oxygen at a higher level at night, then maybe I can reduce my evening pain episodes.

Notice the green tubing coming from the machine? My Boy Toy commented that there is nothing sexier than a woman with lime green oxygen tubing wrapped around her face. I’ll be looking into a different color of tubing.

My Boy Toy also suggested I knit a cozy for the machine. I haven’t seen any patterns for oxygen machine cozies but I’m sure there is some talented knitter or crocheter out there who has felt the need to make one.

Now I’m looking forward this week to putting  one of those scary signs in my front window that warns, No Smoking- Highly Flammable Oxygen Machine. I even warned my Boy Toy to leave the house when he has one of his explosive farts for fear he might blow the whole house up.

In case you wanted to know, my ounce of prevention weighs in at a hefty 50 pounds and comes with two old-fashion air tanks in case there’s a power outage.

Despite the youthful appearance of the nice man who delivered the machine, nothing says you’re old like an oxygen machine in the bedroom.

Boy Toy: Even though you  have an oxygen machine I still know how to take your breath away.

Liver Chick: Oh yeah? How?

Boy Toy: Tie a knot in your tubing.

Liver Chick: Thanks honey.

Boy Toy: (laughing)


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