Bloody Saturday

I hope you all had a good weekend. For those of you being hit my the hurricane or have family and friends in those affected areas, my prayers and heart go out to you.

No real kntting news at the moment. I have a major deadline coming up that is causing me to knit like crazy. This past weekend was supposed to be a productive one in which I had hoped to get a large chunk of my knitting project done. But instead I got to spend six hours in the hospital doing this:


“Does this blood make my butt look fat?”

Yes, that is a bag of “REAL” human blood you are looking at. My hemoglobin number was extremely low. So I had to get a blood transfusion. How low was my hemoglobin? It was 5.6. To give you an idea of just how low that number is, the average adult’s hemoglobin hovers between 12 to 18. Most people would pass out or be close to death with numbers that low, but since I normally run on the low side it only makes me feel a bit sluggish when I get that low.

So, I got to spend six fun-filled hours sucking down two bags of blood. Yes, I did manage to do some knitting to pass the time, but it is very difficult to knit with a IV needle stuck into the area where your arm bends.

The upside is that I got to have lunch served to me during my transfusion. (Did I ever mention to you just how much I love hospital food? Yes, I’m weird, but you already knew that.)

Now I am happy to say that my hemoglobin numbers are back up to my normal standard am I back knitting at full speed.


“We wants it. We wants the Precious. . . .”

Edward Cullen makes taking someone else’s blood look way cooler then it actually is.

(And, yes, the IV hurts when they first put it in, but its the removal of the tape when it’s all over that’s murder!)


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