As The Web Spins

Spider webs everywhere and not a spindle in sight

 I am seriously considering spinning spider webs into yarn. This year, due  mainly to the strnage weather we’ve been having, there is an unexpectedly high number of spiders in the area. I spray spiders and sweep down their webs only to find twice as many webs up the next day.

My hubby thinks I should look into training the spiders to spin yarn and open my own yarn shop to sell the ‘specialty’ skeins. I could name the store, “Charlotte’s Web”.

Besides the obvious copyright name infringement, I may have a problem with spiders working for me. As keeping a room full of spiders with no legal paperwork and no health benefits, I may be accused of running a sweat shop. Then there is social security, workmen’s comp as well as paying into unemployment should I have to let a spider go. And heaven forbid if they gather together and form their own labor union.

As nice as it would be to provide such a wonderful specialty yarn to my fellow knitters, I’m afraid the overhead and legal issues would be just too much to handle. Instead, I will just continue to spray and sweep. However, if I should wake up one morning to find a skein of freshly spun spider webs at my front door, I would be open to negotiations.



One thought on “As The Web Spins

  1. Ugh. You can come here. We killed in our family room what we thought was a big spider. Turned out to be a big mama spider w babies all over back. I have been cleaning and having heebie jeebies ever since.

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