An Affair With Crochet Gloves



I love crocheted gloves. I grew up seeing the older girls wearing their white gloves every Sunday on their way to church.

I remember when my mom bought me my first pair of gloves. there is just something about gloves, especially white crochet gloves that just bring to mind thoughts and images of proper ladies and gentlemen.

During my time as a costume designer, our theatre department decided to a production of “Crimes of the Heart”. The director really wanted a dainty pair of white gloves for one of the characters to wear. But after much searching, I couldn’t find a pair that really fit the character. So, I did what any multi-talented costumer would do- I crocheted my own. It was one of those wonderful challenges that make you step back and really admire your work. I adored those gloves and enjoyed seeing them on the actress’ hands every night of the show.

I above gloves are a pair ai found in a thrift store a few years back. I gave them to my mom, who likes to display them laying casually on top of her writing desk.

If anyone is interested in reviving the art of crochet / knit glove making and wearing, please let me know. You have my full support.


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