Where The Air Is Clear



Spent this weekend in Forest Lakes, Arizona, which is right outside Payson. We stayed at the Arizona Highway Patrol Association’s cabin. It is cabin that my Boy Toy’s family has been coming to for years. A wonderful perk from my father-in-law being a retired DPS officer.

It’s been chilly up here. True sweater weather. Thankfully there is a working fireplace with plenty of chopped wood to keep the fire going. Even in this month of May, there is still snow on the ground in many places. The last frost of winter trying to hold on.

I’ve spent my time up here trying to detox from the stress of moving and other personal issues that usually plague a woman’s good eight hours of sleep.

One of the highlights for me on this trip was sitting on the banks of the Black Forest Lake knitting and watching the fathers with their sons sharing in the time honored tradition of fishing.

It has been almost four years since the last time I was at this cabin. The cabin itself has changed- new paint job, updated flooring and new bricks around the fireplace. But one thing I’m happy for that hasn’t changed is the peacefulness of being surrounded by nature.

In the middle of a forest, away from the cares of everyday life, one can renew their purpose. You not only recharge, you also learn what you are truely recharging for. As Oprah would say, you experince an, ‘Ah!’, moment when things start to make sense.

I believe that everyone should be allowed a time to step away from the world, smell only the scent of ceder and pine, and wake up only to the sound of one’s heartbeat.

If for a week or just a day, escape from your life and rediscover what you are living for.


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