Life In Close Quarters

So, my life is sitting in storage, but thankfully, all my yarn is sitting under my bed.

For the last six months my life has been up in the air and it seems like I will be finishing the year this way.

From leaving a three-bedroom house I have learned that you can live off of what fits into a 12×12 bedroom.

While such close quarters would drive many 30 year olds insane, I see is as a sort of monk-like experince. I’ve learned that a couple of sticks and a ball of yarn is all I need to feel content and happy.

Maybe my living situation is not the idea space most people would think of for themselves, especially with a growing yarn stash, but for now, I’ve learned to call it home.

Have you ever had an experince in your life where you had to learn to do without? What simple pleasures did you discover during that time?


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