The Will To Traveling Well

Well, I’m on the plane again this week, traveling to sunny California. I am attempting to pack all my things into one giant duffle bag and bring with me only one carry on. (This is the attempt I make every time I travel. The reality is that I end up with two over stuffed suitcases, my laptop bag , purse, knitting bag, coat and a personal pizza from that Pizza Hut kiosk that seems to be in front of every gate.)

My hope this trip is to test a theory regarding airplane travel that I often hear about.  I’ve read many times in travel magazines that airport staff treat people differently based on how they are dressed. The more “rich” or “business” -like you look, the better service you receive.

I’ve always been a sweatpants and worn out t-shirt kind of traveler, which usually has resulted in me blending in with the airport walls. It’s not that I’ve gotten bad service from my appearance, just usually not much service.

This time I want to see what would happen if I came to the airport in a bit more high-fashion style. My inspiration is Ivanka Trump, who, in the February 2011 issue of Travel + Leisure, showed how to travel in true style.

Ivanka Trump Dressed For Travel

Read full article here:

With Ivanka as my muse, I have actually washed my clothes and made the effort to match up an outfit along with a necklace and ring. I’m even going to sacrifice comfort for style by wearing *gasp* high heels! I’ve been cleaning up the scuff marks on my purse as I plan for it and a light sweater to be the only items I go through security with. But fear not!No knitting will be sacrificed during this event. Hidden in my purse will be at least two socks on the needles ready for me to knit.

My cell phone will be at the ready, tweeting my travel experiment as it unfolds. And I plan on doing a post the next day to let you know how things went. Wish me luck!

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