Thank You Mason-Dixion Knitting

WordPress has many features for those of us who like to blog and improve our blog following. One such feature allows users to track how people find their blogs. There is a section under my site management called Referrers that I can click to see what link users clicked on to get to my blog postings.

For a couple of days now, that section has been showing that people clicked on a link from to get to my site. I absolutely adore the ladies of Mason-Dixion Knitting, but for the life of me I couldn’t find out how people were getting from their blog to mine. When I would click on the link I would just get taken to their homepage where I was naturally sucked in and two hours later I would realize I’m reading their July 2009 entries.

Today as I was viewing my referrers, I saw their link again. So this time I stayed focused and scanned the entire home page of their blog. Well, come to find out, on the right-hand column, under the title SNIPPETS, Kay posted this lovely note:

Damn U, Sweet Malabrigo: A handy playlist for common knitting situations. Thank you, Liver Chick Knits.
– posted by Kay
I was oh-my-God-I-just-saw-Robert-Pattinson-and-he-smiled-at-me giddy when I read this. I am so honored that they  liked my blog post.  I’ll never wash that blog post as long as I live.
Thank you Mason-Dixion. You ladies rock!

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