The Forest Is Calling

Forest For The Trees Exhibition

Amy Caterina of the blog Free Range Knitting  has sent out a call to all knitters and crocheters for an  exhibition of epic ecological importance. As she states on her blog:

“This exhibition hopes to address the wonders and perils of the forest by creating an environment which is at once unique and fantastic, dangerous and bizarre, and by acknowledging that one day the built environment may be all that’s left us.”
She is looking for fiber artist- both professional and novice- to donate their work for this exhibit.
“We are looking for all types of yarn art relating to our forest, and encourage both novice and expert crafters with open arms. Who knows what lurks within the deepest, darkest parts of the forest; trees, groundcover, animals, monsters, aliens, maybe a taco plants or two. We’d love to see works which are funny, socially conscience, use unusual materials and/or push the knit/crochet envelope.  Recycled knit and fiber materials are encouraged.”
To learn more about this exhibition and how you can contribute to it click on the link here:
(And Yes, I do plan on participating. Any excuse to work with more yarn!)

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