Knitting and Crochet Blog Week 2011: Sexy Men I Want To Get My Socks On

We all have those fantasies about famous people we would love to meet, date, marry, molest back stage at an award show, tie up to your bed and. . . well, you get what I mean.

I also have the above mentioned fantasies as well as a sort of quirky one. Since I am happily married and know that I have about a snowball chance in hell of meeting, let alone dating anyone famous, I instead like to fantasize about knitting socks for my favorite hotties. So, here is a list of my top six sexy men I would love to get my hands. . .wait, I mean, socks on.

6. Johnny Depp

Admit it ladies. When you are knitting something for your man, don’t you secretly wish you were knitting it for Johnny Depp? I know I do!

5. Robert Pattinson

Because ten million screaming teenage girls can’t be wrong.  I loved him back before he became a vampire with emotional issues.

4. Josh Groban

Yes, he has the voice of an angel. And I would be more than happy to knit the devil out of some socks for him.

3. Jamie Cullum

Well, you know what they say about short british guys with big feet, right? (I meant that they can sing really well. Get your mind out the gutter, you hussy!) However, he does wear his pants really loose and his wife always has a smile on her face, so hummm. . . .

2. John Mayer

Yes, John Mayer, the bad boy himself. There are some naughty lessons I could teach him with my knitting needles. A night with me and I’ll have him cashmere-whipped!

1. Jackson Rathbone

Jackson Rathbone is give-me-a-straw-’cause-i-just-want-to-suck-him-up damn sexy! Does there  need to be any other reason to knit him some socks?

One thought on “Knitting and Crochet Blog Week 2011: Sexy Men I Want To Get My Socks On

  1. I’m going to leave my own comment on this one. I just decided that every time I have a sock design that gets rejected, I’ll just come to this blog posting. Looking at Jackson Rathbone can turn any frown into a smile. Yum!

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