B.A. Mystery Solved!

I went on Ravelry last night to discover that someone on the Patons Beehive Fan Group had responded to my inquiries about the meaning of the mysterious abbreviation, B.A., that was found in a baby shawl pattern. The wonderful knitting angel, PurpleSage supplied the answer:

It defines B.A. as follows:
“B.A.=Broderie Anglaise – work as follows: slip next 4 sts purlwise dropping w.r.n.s. of previous row, slip 4 sts back on to left-hand needle, insert point of right-hand needle and work (K.1, P.1) twice into these 4 sts, counting these 4 sts as 1 st.”

After weeks of looking up information and following clues, I knew that one day the answer would reveal itself. PurpleSage, may the knitting gods bless you with lots of beautiful yarns, plenty of time to knit, and may all your knitting projects come out right the first time!


2 thoughts on “B.A. Mystery Solved!

  1. Hi!
    I know you posted this ages ago but I have a pattern with this exact same stitch pattern in it. It explains what I should do for B.A. but no matter hwo many times I try it, it never looks quite right. I was wondering if you’d managed to do it successfully and, if so, HOW you actually did it.

    When I drop the yarn round needles of the previous row I just end up with super long stitches. Am I supposed to somehow drop them so they cross over the stitch you’re actually supposed to work?


    • Hi there,

      I’ll be honest, I have not actually tried the B.A., mainly because I don’t have any pattern to try it on. It is an interesting stitch and I wonder exactly how many people were able to understand and do the stitch. (Seeing that it is almost completely unknown to modern knitters may be an indicator of how unsuccessful it was.) If I could get a hold of an actual full pattern with the stitch in it, I may give it a try. Sorry that I can’t be of more help. I’m sure there is someone out there who has tackled the stitch and succeeded.

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