Harry Potter Sock Yarn

So, I came across these pictures during some random funky search through Google images. My jaw drop. Being a huge Harry Potter fan, I could not believe that I had never heard of this sock yarn collection based on the characters from the books/movies. So, naturally, I headed straight over to Opal’s website only to find this disclaimer:

This collection is no longer being manufactured, but may still be available at your local knitting store.

A small part of mr died as I read those words. What pleasure it would have been to knit socks with yarn inspired by Ron or Lupin, or even Hedwig.

If there is anyone out there willing to part with such yarn in their stash, I would be more than happy to trade hand knitted socks for yarn.



3 thoughts on “Harry Potter Sock Yarn

  1. I found a source on EBay. Do a Yahoo search for Opal Harry Potter yarn, and when you find the one on EBay, go to it. She has a stash of it she’s selling for $25 a ball plus postage. Other than that, I haven’t found it anywhere else.

  2. Have you looked for HP yarn on Etsy? There is so much to choose from!

    Also, I will send you an invite to a group on Ravelry that you might like. So when you get one out of the blue, that’s me. 😛

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