One thought on “Knit On!

  1. Hi Michelle,
    Well, thanks to you, I am knitting my FIRST pair of socks. Well, 1/2 a pair and well….it is not going to be a sock when I’m finished. BUT you have enspired me to attempt to reach my goal through this sock. I’m making a sweater for my Yorkie. Yes, I’m socking my dog. I know how to make legs and the body has always been a problem with other dog sweater patterns, so since the heal has a “natural” buldge that would fit the chest with the neck up through the top, WHY NOT. But I have a question. Since I’ve never done socks before I don’t know if I HAVE to use the double pointed kneedles it calls for or if I can substitute them with a look needle. I use double pointed for the legs but cannot find any 10 1/2’s in a long. they only come in those 6″ or so’s. Any helpful hints? You are my guru and I wish I had a way to contact you directly.

    Anyway, hope this does not count as something to chase you to spinning unless you JUST LOVE spinning. I spin as well so I understand.

    Lorrie Lott
    Your wedding photographer and mom of Crystal

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