Working for several years in theatre I picked out a few tips and tricks that helped me in my career. Always show up early for any call. Remember the director’s favorite coffee and pet peeves. Always carry a wrench. And even the most big-headed demanding diva actor can be tamed with chocolate!

Seeing chocolate bars being used as medication in the Harry Potter books didn’t surprise me. I have seen first hand the magical powers chocolate can have over someone. People seem nicer, talk softer and smile more when chocolate is in their system.

To me, chocolate is an essential tool for any knitterĀ to have in their bag. Got a sweater that’s driving you crazy? A sock you’re ready to set on fire? How about a pattern written so badly that you are seriously considering sending a letter bomb to the designer? Instead of resorting to something that might get you jail time, just reach for a piece of chocolate. Trust me, after a couple of bite, all the world will be made right again. (But you still have every right to write a nasty letter to that designer whose pattern is on crack.)