Knitting Is My Bag!

You can tell a lot about a knitter by what she/he carries in their knitting bag.  Knitting memorabilia says what type of knitting events you’ve been to. The current projects in the bag can show where you shop for your yarn and patterns.

Do you like the ‘old school’ metal gauge rulers or are you into the hand cut wood ones? Is your stitch counter a manual clicker or do you have a stitch counting app downloaded on your iPhone? Leather bound book for jotting down notes or recycled scraps of paper stapled together? The newest of everything or secondhand finds? Were your stitch markers hand-made in London or are they the tabs you’ve been collecting from store bought loaves of bread?  

So, what would your bag say about you?

(PS- I believe the contents of the last bag is that of a serious and well experienced knitter.)

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