Sock Summit 2011 Teaching Proposal

I did something very daring a couple of weeks ago. I sent in a teaching proposal for the Sock Summit 2011. The call was sent out that there was a need for teachers and before my mind could figure out what my hands were doing, I was already typing away.

I haven’t taught a class of any kind in a few years. I really miss teaching. I use to teach beginning knitter¬†classes at Michael’s Craft Store in Silverdale, Washington. I also taught loom knitting and holiday crafts. Before that, I use to teach makeup and costume design for the theatre.

When I saw there was a need for more teachers at the sock summit, I just couldn’t resist applying. I must admit that my proposal wasn’t the usual professionally written, double-spaced, formatted submission. But, it was funny as hell to write and read afterwards. If nothing else, the powers-that-be should get a good chuckle out of it.

We should be finding out soon whose proposal got accepted. I would say I’m waiting on pins and needles, but my pins are being used to block a scarf right now and my needles are currently being used to knit some socks. Good luck to all those who have applied.