The Joys of Being 30


I use to be one of those people who always carried a day planner and would start my mornings organizing my to-do list in order of priority. The sale associates at my local Franklin-Covey and I were on first name bases. I would even schedule in my bedtime!

But all that changed after I turned 30. I don’t put so much pressure on myself to get a million things done in one day. I no longer feel the need to be superwoman. I’m just enjoying being me.

Life is no longer put on paper and set in stone. To-do lists are scribbled on the back of grocery lists and my schedule is open and changes as the day goes.

Before, in my twenties, I had something to prove. It was me against the world. I wanted people to know who I was and realize I’m someone important and deserving of respect.  Now my motto is more along the lines of, “as long as God is happy with me, I could frankly care less what you think”. My mom tells me it gets even better when you turn 60. She says that by that time you just put up your middle finger and walk away.

I happened to notice this change first in the way I knit. I use to only knit if there was a true need. I researched patterns, compared yarns and would frog and re-knit until I got it right. Now I’m not ashamed to use some no name yarn I found at the thrift store and whenever I make a mistake, as long as it’s not noticeable, I just shrug my shoulders and keep on knitting. Knitting is no longer a functional scheduled craft. Now its a kick-ass fun playtime with sticks and awesome fibers!  Here’s to being 30 and knitting!


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