Cats Love Yarn

Okay, I’m thinking the history of the first yarn ball went something like this:

In the B.C. era, a shepherd, after hours of spinning, realized he could wound his yarn into a manageable ball. The shepherd spent the next hour winding a decent ball. Five minutes later, a wild cat discovered the freshly wound ball and in less than a minute had it all unraveled into a huge tangled mess.

As long as there has been knitters, there have been cats that own them. It would seem that one could not exist without the other. I know more knitters that own cats then those who don’t.  I happen to live with two cats myself and can tell you first hand the joys and woes of having cats and yarn under the same roof.

I have waken up to find balls of cotton yarn sitting in the water bowl. I’ve tripped over wool spider webs that are wrapped around every chair and table leg in the house. I’ve even found balls of Angora yarn that has been licked to death and lovingly pushed under the couch for the dust bunnies to enjoy. My stash box has been raided more than once and I’ve become an expert at retrieving knitting needles from under the fridge. Oh, the fun of cats with yarn.

Cats have this uncanny ability to know exactly when you are about to knit and will make themselves comfortable right on top of your work. Dark haired cats adore sitting on your light-colored knits while light-haired cats prefer darker knits. They roll our yarn balls to just out of our reach and chew on our yarn so as we are knitting we get the lovely gift of wet fingers and soggy sections in our project.

Despite the added challenge of knitting around cats, they are a great comfort to any knitter. They never judge our work and could care less about any mistakes. They think acrylic is just as good to lay on as cashmere and are always appreciative of any knitted gift they receive. In short, they are the perrr-fect knitting companions.


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