Warm Wrist, Warm Heart


Just finished the final stitches on another pair of wrist warmers. These are for my sister-in-law, Corinna. Even though she lives in sunny Florida, there are times when the weather gets a little cool and a nice pair of wrist warmers is just what you need.

I love this purple yarn I used. It is a bubble gum purple with purple shimmer thread running through it. Don’t ask me who makes the yarn. It was some brand I never heard of. I purchased the yarn at my local Hobby Lobby.

If anyone thinks they know who made this yarn, please share the info in the comments section so others can find it. Thanks!


2 thoughts on “Warm Wrist, Warm Heart

  1. I didn’t know that Hobby Lobby had knitting supplies. I’m going. There a fairly new Hobby Lobby up by Arrowhead Mall now. Went there for something else. I’ll have to REALLY look that store over. I like the magazine you found. Will also look for those. I’m knitting a lot more now, thanks to you and I’m HOOKED. Everything else gets in the way of my knitting time. Plus I really wish my Mom was here to answer those wonderful written instructions that I can’t desifer. I have a COUPLE of dog sweaters going on right now.

    Love ya,
    Lorrie Lott

    • The first time I walked into the yarn section of Hobby Lobby I almost cried. Their selection was so beautiful! It’s just a wonderful site to look down a store aisle and see nothing but yarn! Cotton, wool, cashmere blends, microfibers and acrylics that would make you feel sorry for ever saying bad things about acrylics. And the best part- they always have a sale on something!

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