Happy MLK Day

Happy Martin Luther King Day everyone!

So, what knitting project am I up to today?

Well, at your request, I’m currently working on writing the pattern for the Purple Haze socks. The pattern is actually pretty simple and quick to knit up. But I will be interested to see what you all think of knitting socks on two needles. Hopefully I will have the pattern up for you this week.

On the needles at this moment I am working on another pair of socks, (of course). I’m knitting them using Patons Kroy Socks yarn in Denim Jacquard. I’m knitting with US size 3 needles. I’ve never knitted on size 3 needles before. I couldn’t find straight needles so I had to buy a pack of double pointed needles. I used needles point protectors to cover the ends of two of the needles and are using those to knit the socks.

The yarn is suppose to knit up in a pattern which they show a picture of on the yarn label. However, I rather like the other pattern that seems to be emerging as I knit. (Okay, I hear you. Yes, I will post some pictures this week. Just let me get some more rows knitted up.)

2 thoughts on “Happy MLK Day

  1. I saw examples of socks knitted flat at Sock Summit. They were knit by Barbara Walker! She said she always knit socks that way.

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