Baby Season


It’s that time of year again when it seems like everyone that can breed, is doing just that.  Yes, it’s baby season! And they all want some handmade items for baby that will become family heirlooms. So they are all looking at the most available knitter near them. Me.

They can’t count on their mother-soon-to-be-grandmother to make anything. She burnt out her fingers last year knitting baby hats for the local hospital. Grandma the Great gave up the bad habit of knitting for others and already donated all her moth ball smelling stash to the ladies church group. And they can’t think of asking their aunt. She realized that keeping the liquor cabinet full cost about the same as keeping up a good yarn stash. So now she’s back to drinking because wine tastes better than merino.

Resources tapped dry, my friends turn to me- apparently the only knitter in Arizona who is out of the closet about her knitting. (I just knew all that knitting in public would get me in trouble one day.)

Not that I mind. I just wish they would have all gotten together and spaced their babies out a bit more, so I would have some down time between projects.

Thank goodness for Erika Knight. Her book, “Simple Knits for Cherished Babies”, is full of knitted garments that makes you want a little one of your own just to give you an excuse to buying the lusciously soft yarn she uses.

Now I just need all the upcoming babies to play nice and stay in their mommies’ bellies until they are ready and I should be okay in getting these little knits done. Wish me luck!


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