My Advice to New Knitters

“You only get better at something by doing it more often.”

This statement is true for just about everything in life- cooking, paying bills on time, writing, golf, stalking your ex-boyfriend, sex (with the same person), and even knitting.

So, if you are just starting out as a knitter and your first attempts look like something the cat hacked up, my advice to you is to keep knitting. Trust me, your knitting will improve.

As for that hair ball you just cast off your needles, save it. (Yes, I’m being serious here.) Put it in a ziploc bag and label it with the project name and date that it was created. Enclose a note to yourself that decribes how you feel about the project and knitting as a whole. Then hide it somewhere. Continue knitting and in a year from now, pull out that bag and have a good laugh at yourself in seeing the mess you were in the beginning compared to the pro you are now.

My Kind of Crazy


I picked up this book at my local library. It was among the books for sale and only cost me $0.75. The author, Cilla Ramnek is textile artist whose name you may already know from the fabrics she has designed for Ikea.

Cilla is a crafter not afraid to cross different disciplines and combine them in creative ways. Her designs are original, daring and always off the grid. In short, she is my kind of crazy.

Her book, “Knitprovisation”, is not a pattern book, but an inspiration book. She loosely describes the construction of each garment, but her goal is not to have you copy her work. Her aim is to get you thinking outside the box and give you permission to play. Fearless creativity equals one of a kind kick ass designs.