Veiled Lace


I’m a member of a veil/headcovering group on Ravelry. I do cover my head from time to time- not for any religious reason, but because ever since my liver transplant my internal temperture controller has been on the frizz. So I have to keep myself warm at all times. I’m easy to spot when I’m visiting Arizona. I’m the girl wearing the sweater when its 100 degrees outside.

Well, at some point our group decided to do a headcovering swap. It was a lot of fun finding and making a head covering for my secret swap partner. I feel in love with the pattern for this beautiful veil. The pattern was easy with a result that looks more complicated then it really is. I choose to knit it in easy to wash black microfiber blend. My partner was a fan of Harry Potter, so I sent her a couple of HP collector’s cards too.

From my partner I got one knitted and one sewn head covering along with some yarn stash goodies.

So, here is proof that yes, I can knit lace and damn well too if you ask me.

If you are interested in the pattern, I will be more then happy to direct you to the website where I found it.


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