Knitted Socks…My Form of Heroin

I’m online way too much for my own damn good. If I’m not in front of a computer, then I’m on my Android surfing the web. What am I doing online? Mostly, I’m checking out sock patterns and interviews with knitting designers.

Yes, my sock habit has now grown into an addiction. I am even seriously considering becoming a sock designer myself so that I can share my love for the forgotten art of  two straight needle sock knitting.

Am I crazy? Why, yes. But I was crazy before I started knitting socks, so that doesn’t count. Besides, some of the most interesting people in the world are crazy. Yet, I fear that my addiction may now leave all other knitting projects at the waste side.

Maybe it was sitting across from Cookie A at the  weekly Bobaknit sessions and watching her knit away at her socks that caused my downfall. I’m thinking one of those ridiculously tiny double-pointed needles that she works with must have stabbed me in the leg at some point and that’s how I became infected with the sock knitting disease. (At least that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.)

Sock knitting has now become the Bella to my Edward.

I’m telling you all this so as I make my way towards the deep end of the knitting pool for the eventual fall, you are my witness that I was of stable and sound mind and knew exactly what I was getting into.

(And yes- to answer the question already forming in your head- I will be posting pictures and patterns here of my sock designs.)


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