Jamie Cullum Knits

I have never been shy about my fetish for young british guys. Daniel Radcliff, Robert Pattinson. And my all-time favorite, Jamie Cullum.

How serious is my addiction? I made a group on Ravelry.com dedicated to Jamie love. So, it should come as no surprise that Jamie is my prefered music to listen to when I knit.

The Twentysomething album is great for knitting heirloom garments like baby blankets. The Pursuit is my choice when knitting socks or arm warmers. I have this yarn fantasy of creating some cool knitted garments based on songs by Jamie Cullum andpublishing these garments in a book titled “Jamie Cullum Jazzy Knits”. (You know, some people dream about floating in air, others dream about having sex with Donald Trump. I dream about knitting books, so leave me alone!)

Right now, I’m collecting pictures of Jamie in knits to have record of proof  for my obsession. So, if any of you happen to spot Jamie Cullum in anything that looks handknitted, please send the pic or link my way.


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