Liver Socks

There is this website call It is like Facebook for yarnies. Everyone who’s anyone that knits or crochets is there. On this site is a group that I chat with regarding the upcoming Sock Summit. Yes, you read that right. There is actually a summit where people talk about, teach, read, knit, and buy stuff dealing with the sacred and beloved knitted socks. (Unless you’ve been blessed enough to have wrapped your feet in a pair of hand knitted socks you wouldn’t understand.)
Anyway, in this group I’ve chatted with a couple of ladies who also had organ transplants. We’ve been joking around about  going to the Sock Summit wearing some cool t-shirts that would identify us as the transplant posse. It’s a cute idea and one that recently got me thinking- how cool would it be to come up with some socks  in support of organ transplant?
I’m still just toying with the idea, but I do think it would be neat to show up to the summit wearing some tricked out socks that really showed my organ transplant pride. What do you think?
So, if God be willing and the creek don’t rise, I plan on attending the sock summit next year. If you plan to be there come and find me and maybe we can chat over a nice ball of cashmere yarn. I’ll most likely be the one wearing the “ I *heart* my liver”, t-shirt and some funky socks to match. I should be easy to spot.
PS- if I do end up knitting the socks, I promise to post some pics.

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