Knitting With Nature


We knit in our homes. We knit at the local Starbucks. And for those of us daring enough- we even knit in church. But how many of us take the time to knit in Nature? Usually, when we think of camping, we picture ourselves leaving any reminders of the city life behind. And for many people this includes their knitting.

Yet, has not knitting been our way of revolting against our current society? Have we not taken up needles and yarn as protest to the fast and easy life technology tries to tell us we need? Knitting has always been an icon for protest and a calling to go back to a simpler time. So why should it be left behind with the IPad, IPhone and MP3 player?

I brought my knitting and my spinning with me on a recent trip to the Mountain Ridge Cabins in Payson, Arizona. As I sat outside our cabin one morning knitting I found myself closer to nature then I had ever been before. The soft clicking of my needles matched the trickling sound of the brook nearby. My content stillness attracted butterflies and even then breeze seemed to brush by with welcoming warmth.

What is being labled as the “slow movement”, goes hand in hand with Nature. Mainly because this movement is not some new eco-hippie fad, but an authintic desire to reconnect with the land around us.

We may have lost most of our humanity, but no amount of technology and mega marts can wipe out our natural instintic to return to the Earth. So, knit in the woods. Spin in the forest. Crochet in the medows. Weave among wildlife. Reconnect with Nature, least we forget we are only animals after all.  


One thought on “Knitting With Nature

  1. I so agree. I even knitted by the river last summer, sitting on the stones, watching the children swim. I think the only place I wouldn’t knit is the beach – too much sand to get into my project!

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