Stitching At The Speed Of Time

How fast can I knit? Apparently, not fast enough. Due to medical reasons out of my control, I have found myself rushing to finish knitted items due my the end of this month.

I’ve had to set aside all other activites in order to try and make my deadlines. (I even had to stop myself from form watching Project Runway, which I swore I would never miss unless an immediate family member died.)

My nights are being spent knitting rows until my hands pass out. And I find myself waking in the morning with needles still in hands and a knitted row that looks as if it was knitted with the ugly stick.

Anyway, that is my life as of late. So, what are you up to?


One thought on “Stitching At The Speed Of Time

  1. Hello,
    I found your site by clicking on the latest posts on WordPress and wondered what the heck a Liver Chick was. Now that I know and have briefly perused your sight, I’m quite impressed! I love your wonderful attitude. I always say my knitting that looks like it’s knit with an ugly stick is “art.” I look forward to having time to look at your blog more later, just wanted to thank you for the wonderful few posts that I’ve read.
    Keep stitching,

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