War’s Gift To Knitting

The more I learn about the history of knitting the more I realize how much the survival and continuous interest in knitting is due largely to our military.

During every war we have fought in, from our war for independence to the current war on terrorism, it has been the single plea from our soldiers on the battlefield that time after time moved women of all ages, races and economic backgrounds to pick up their needles and learn to knit.

Throughout history, knitting has experienced peaks in interest. Less than ten years ago, knitting once again became all the rage. It became the ‘It’ thing to do. But just like every fashion fad in craze, knitting is now seeing many of those hipsters put away their needles and unfinished fun fur scarves in search of the next new thing.

These ups and downs in popularity has never been and will never be what keeps knitting going. As long as there is a soldier in need of socks or a warm hat then knitting will continue. For it is the every present need to help those who protect and defend of freedom  that will continue to keep needles clicking and the art of knitting alive.